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Case Study : Cockburn Central

Place Planning for Cockburn Central

The Place

Cockburn Central is a strategically important place under the State Government’s ‘Directions 2031 and Beyond’ strategy and is the government’s first example of a fully functional Activity Centre.
Located 19 kilometres south of Perth, along the Mandurah Train Line, the recently established town centre embraces an approach to planning, development and management that involves the community that visits, works and lives there.

Our Role

In collaboration with LandCorp, City of Cockburn and project partners, Place Match developed and implemented a place making framework for the planning, development and management of Cockburn Central Town Centre.

This included:

  • Development of a Place Making Strategy
  • Creating a Marketing Strategy including retail and destination competitive analysis, place brand, communications and customer framework, key messaging, marketing strategies and an implementation plan
  • Project managing the establishment of the Cockburn Central website
  • Development of a Place Management Plan incorporating place activation, programming, community and economic development, governance and management models.


Place Match’s work has reoriented LandCorp’s approach at Cockburn Central to focus on the destinational qualities of the place – creating a heart for the growing community and City of Cockburn.

Each day the town centre continues to grow and transform into a vibrant community hub that is home to new residents, restaurants, cafés and businesses. Cockburn Central Town Centre has also been recognised as a significant national project, winning the ‘Plan to Place’ category at the National Planning Excellence Awards in 2014.


  • Destination and place making strategies
  • Communication and marketing strategies
  • Place brand and positioning
  • Place activation planning
  • Place management and governance strategies
Project Partners: