Case studies Esperance Town Centre Revitalisation

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Case Study : Esperance Town Centre Revitalisation

Town Centre Revitalisation Master Plan

The Place

Home to almost 10,000 people, Esperance is one of the most progressive and modern country communities in Australia; however, its town centre isn't living up to its potential.

A Place Making master plan for the town centre will create a central heart for the town by:

  • reconnecting the waters edge with the town centre
  • revitalising the traditional town centre
  • creating new activity hubs between the town centre and the Esperance waterfront.

Our Role

Place Match led a mult-disciplinary team to develop the Town Centre Revitalisation Master Plan, to improve amenity, create places and spaces for people and reconnect the town centre with the foreshore development, encouraging investment within the town centre. Our role included:

  • Environmental and context analysis
  • Defining the vision and proposition for the town centre
  • Place planning and urban design
  • Landscape design
  • Economic, retail and investment attraction strategies
  • Place making implementation plans including activation, management and programming of the public spaces in and around the town centre.


The Town Centre Revitalisation Master Plan supports the repositioning of Esperance as an economic hub for the region by:

  • Creating a shared vision for the town centre
  • Delivering tangible strategies and actions to revitalise the area
  • Providing a framework to coordinate investment and to respond quickly to funding opportunities.

It was informed by extensive engagement with key stakeholders and the broader community focusing on the purpose of the town centre, what people will do there and why they will want to spend time there.

  • Baseline vibrancy assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Place Proposition and values
  • Place planning and urban design
  • Activation and place promotion