Vision and Branding Geraldton City Centre Vibrancy Strategy

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Case Study : Geraldton City Centre Vibrancy Strategy

Activating Geraldton's City Centre

The Place

With over 38,000 people calling Greater Geraldton home, Geraldton’s City Centre plays a key role in providing retail, commercial, employment, civic, recreational, cultural and residential uses to residents, workers and visitors.

Our Role

While the wider city’s facilities and infrastructure are strong, the city centre itself has struggled with being physically fragmented. To respond to this and other issues, Place Match developed a Vibrancy Strategy and Implementation Plan to guide layout and function, access and linkages, facilities planning, investment attraction, strategic marketing, place activation and events within the City Centre.  


The Strategy focussed heavily on implementation strategies and provided direction for investment attraction, establishment of creative industries, collaborative marketing, programming and events to improve general sociability and usage, as well as positioning Geraldton as a leading regional destination.

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Place management
  • Marketing and investment attraction
  • Land use, layout and planning
  • Programming and acitvation strategies