Case studies Broome North Local Centre

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Case Study : Broome North Local Centre

Place planning for Broome North

The Place

LandCorp's Broome North project has the capacity to almost double the town's current population. Its first town centre will become the community's civic heart, making a contribution to Broome's unique climate, lifestyle and identity.

Our Role

Working with Pracsys, we delivered an integrated Place Making and Commercial Strategy for the local centre, providing a strategic approach to its planning, staging, timing and market delivery.


The Strategy and concept plans detailed the local centre's vision and competitive positioning, its function and layout, as well as commercial and market investment strategies. Place activation and management strategies round out a holistic place-led approach for LandCorp to establish a valued community hub for Broome's newest residents.

  • Competitor and context analysis
  • Centre visioning – Place Proposition and values
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Place planning – concept plans
  • Investment attraction strategy
Project Partners: