Community and stakeholder engagement Vibrancy Assessments

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Case Study : Vibrancy Assessments

Vibrancy Assessments

The Task

For places that are underperforming and need a boost to realise their true potential, a vibrancy assessment is the tool we use to evaluate overall performance and vitality.  We consider each place’s competitive market positioning, commercial drivers and business mix, layout and function and activities and uses, amongst other things.

Our Role

We have conducted vibrancy assessments for a number of regional and urban places such as main streets, parks, town centres, tourism destinations and master planned communities.  We conduct a vibrancy assessment on site to gauge current performance and use a range of techniques such as surveys, activity mapping, audience profiling and general observation and audit.


A vibrancy assessment results in an evaluation report outlining current performance and a succinct action plan that provides strategic direction and practical tactics to improve place performance in the short and long term.  Typical strategies could include marketing, programming, governance, place management and physical infrastructure improvements, big and small.

  • Surveys and interviews
  • Activity mapping
  • Place observation and evaluation
  • Evaluation reports
  • Action plans