Community and stakeholder engagement Corporate Place Making Frameworks

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Case Study : Corporate Place Making Frameworks

Corporate Place Making Frameworks

The Task

Developers, government agencies and industry bodies often ask us how to incorporate the concept of place into their ‘business as usual’ process Because each business and organisation is different, we design a bespoke approach considering existing corporate visions and objectives, project portfolios, investment drivers, organisational structure and key performance indicators.

Our Role

Working with your management team, we start by spending time getting to know your business and its people.  We facilitate interactive sessions that bring different disciplines together with the aim to bridge corporate and place based objectives.  We then design a practical and measureable framework that makes it as easy as possible to apply place-based principles in every day life.


For our clients, one of the most rewarding aspects of this work is uniting teams under common goals and developing clear, simple pathways to embed the place philosophy.  Our bespoke approach also ensures confidentiality and competitive advantage in the market place.

  • Facilitated working sessions
  • Bespoke Corporate Place Framework
  • Evaluation tools