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Case Study : Curtin University Place Activation

Expect the unexpected at Curtin University

The Place

Curtin University is the largest and most multi-cultural university in Western Australia. With a focus on innovation and practical learning, its vision is to establish the university as a destination – creating a fun and engaging campus experience for students, staff and visitors.

Our Role

Following the completion of a Place Activation Plan for Curtin University’s Bentley Campus in 2012, the focus quickly shifted to implementation - it was time to roll our sleeves up and get things happening.

Since early 2013, Place Match has delivered a tailored place activation program across the campus, designed to engage students and staff, create a ‘buzz’, deliver unique experiences and support student attraction and retention strategies.

Some of these activation initiatives have included delivering Perth’s first consolidated Food Truck movement, along with lighting projections, public art, performers, pop up gardens and furniture, sustainability initiatives, development and promotion of the Park’d brand and developing internal and external partnerships.  


Place Match won the 2013 Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) WA Awards for Planning Excellence's Best Planning Ideas – Small Project Award category for the inception and delivery of the Place Activation Program at Curtin University.

Students and staff at Curtin are also very pleased with how the university has transformed into a fun, vibrant and engaging place, “As a staff member, I’ve noticed an overwhelming increase in smiling students around campus; not just hurrying to their next class, but engaging in the activities.”

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