Community and stakeholder engagement Facilitation and Engagement

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Case Study : Facilitation and Engagement

Facilitation and Engagement

The Task

We would argue it’s impossible to create a truly successful place without talking to the people who live, work and spend time there, and that’s what we really enjoy doing. Our facilitation and engagement style is energetic and authentic and we seek to get to the best we possibly can out of local communities and stakeholders, to then transparently represent their ideas in plans, strategies and activation programmes.

Our Role

Workshops, focus groups, one to one interviews, surveys, street events and more.  We bring an experienced hand to the table and make sure that every forum is expertly managed to optimise time, drill into local issues, capture visions and aspirations and land shared goals.


It’s important for participants to walk away from a facilitation or engagement exercise absolutely clear on the way forward.  We implement creative methods to capture information and agree directions along the way, and reflect them in holistic feedback reports.

  • Facilitated workshops, focus groups, forums
  • Street events, surveys, interviews
  • Strategic directions and feedback reports